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Sounds familiar?

You have a great business idea but you’re unsure how to bring your brand online.

Your company has grown, but you website remained the same old.

You already have a website, but you’re unhappy with it.

Your web designer abandoned you.

You have tried and failed to build a website on your own.

You want to manage the content of your website, but every change requires contacting your web developer.

Let’s change that.

Let's get familiar!

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Together, we’ll create your unique brand message and a website that stands out from the crowd.

With our eyes firmly fixed on the future, we’ll develop a solid foundation for your profitable growth.

You will have a reliable partner who truly cares about your success.

We’ll turn your business into a brand that people value and love.

You’ll have a website that works for you while you’re working on you business.

Web Strategy

Holistic Concepts

A solid strategy is the heart of any business venture. ArtataQ designs holistic web concepts tailored to the uniqueness of your idea, brand, product or service. We are determined to satisfy your needs and exceed the expectations of your target audience. Together, we’ll choose the best solution that perfectly satisfies your needs, goals and budget.

15+ years of experience and know-how in strategic web development will save you time, money and headaches. Together, we’ll implement your goals, and travel to your success destination in German, English and/or Russian.

Consulting: Detailed analysis with recommendations

Your current web strategy as well as your website will be closely examined based on technical, visual and strategic aspects including your digital appearance on social networks and marketing efforts.

You will receive a detailed current-state-analysis including suggestions for further development.

Investment: starting at 349 € | Working days: 3+ days

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Web Development

Everything from a single source

WordPress allows you to create any type of website: a personal blog or website, a photoblog, a business website, a professional portfolio, a government website, a magazine or news website, an online community, even a network of websites. Whether you want to write articles for your blog, showcase your work in a portfolio or sell products in an online shop – anything is possible with WordPress. WordPress is the perfect tool for search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

We go above and beyond designing and programming, we develop strategic concepts with your business goals in mind. Step-by-step we will take you through the journey of turning your business idea into an online reality. Upon completion, you will have a website that will work for you while you’re working on your business.

You can count on fast implementation times, reasonable costs and maximum quality. Whether it’s web design or custom programming, we keep everything in-house. We don’t outsource our projects.

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More than meets the eye

You have 50 milliseconds before users have rendered their first judgment. Users will often decide, especially when the brand is not well-known, whether to trust the credibility of a site based more upon its visual cues than its actual content.

Visual design is a means of communicating with and to your visitors. The aesthetic appeal is shaped by a combination of various elements such images, typography, space, layouts, and color. While designing a user interface for a website, we focus on content, usability, element arrangement, responsive design and clean layout.

The optimization for mobile devices is included in every web development project.

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Search Engine Optimisation

One of the main marketing strategies that can help build a successful website is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the process of tailoring your website to the algorithms that search engines use to rank websites based on signals that your website communicates. Google’s job is to filter and display the most suitable results for a search query. Your job as a website owner is to adjust your website to the search engines’ algorithms.

Internal search engine optimization consists of two main areas: the technical optimization and the content optimization.

Technical Search Engine Optimization

  • Programming

Google can read code. A clean programming has a direct impact website’s loading time and is highly appreciated by search engines.

  • Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design has become an indispensable component and a fundamental requirement for any SEO. Internet usage on mobile devices has increased enormously. While internet users spend up to 2 minutes more on a website using their mobile devices than computers, smartphone conversion is around 1/2 of desktop conversion rates.

Content Optimization for Search Engines

  • Link & Page Structure

A well-structured website provides easy access to the information not only to your visitors but also to search engines.

  • Content

Content is a crucial and essential part of SEO. Website content should be created for your target audience while keeping the search engine requirements in mind. Not the other way around. This also applies to the choice of keywords.

All ArtataQ WordPress Themes are technically optimized for search engines. Content optimization is available upon request.

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Content Management

Content is King

Of course, we’ll take care of the content management during the development of your website. The content will be structured and placed according to the prior developed content strategy. Upon project completion, you can manage the content of your website without having to know HTML or any other complicated programming tools.

Your website will be equipped with a Content Management System (CMS) adapted to your needs. It’ll allow you to easily update and modify your content at given any time and place.

All ArtataQ WordPress Themes are equipped with a custom user manual.

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